These are some of the most common questions we are asked about wasps and wasp nests.

Will wasp nest killer kill bees?

Yes, that’s why we are so careful not to contaminate the local area with chemicals.

We keep bees, we love bees, so we do not take risks.

Will a wasp nest damage the house?

Yes but not usually. Wasps can work their way through a wall or ceiling and get into your rooms but generally they eat so little of your home to make the nest it’s not a worry.

Do wasps nest in the ground?

Yes! And when they do they are very aggressive. Often found in an old mouse hole or in terraced gardens or borders.

Photo by Marco Sacchi

Do wasps nest in trees?

Yes, in an old tree with rot or hollowed out spaces.

Do wasp nests smell?

A nest does have a smell but it’s not usually a problem if the nest is in a dry area, which it usually is.

Do wasps nest in the same place twice?

Not usually but is does sometimes happen, that’s why we are very careful when removing “dormant” nests.

Do wasp nests survive the winter?

Only the queen wasps will survive the winter, she will hibernate in a shed or old tree and emerge in the spring, build a queen cell (size of a golf ball) and the cycle starts again.

How big can wasp nests get?

Usually nests become the size of a football but I have dealt with a nest 2 meters by 2 meters!

What does wasp nest look like?

Light brown in Colour usually round but can take on the shape of their surroundings if space is limited. Swirls of papery shells cover the surface.

What’s inside wasp nest?

Layer upon layer of brood cells, cut in half you will see the pillars that separate the brood layers. The nest is just a wasp making machine.

What does wasp nest sound like?

Imagine an empty crisp packet being gently rubbed between your hands or sometimes it sounds like leaking water depending on what’s between you and the nest.

What to spray wasp nest with?

We use FICAM powder inside buildings it kills wasps without making them aggressive. Outside we use permethrin based powder or liquid spray. You cannot buy these products without relevant qualifications.

When do wasp nests start?

As early as May but usually they start in June to be discovered in July to November

Why remove wasp nest?

We do not usually remove wasp nests because the nest itself becomes the killing ground.

Nests can be remove where possible at a later date.

How are wasp nests made?

Wasp nests are made from wood. Wasps crawl along timber fences or your garden furniture and chew wood off, mix it with saliva and slowly build the nest a circular motion.

How to prevent wasp nest?

It’s not possible. You will never make a house wasp proof using conventional materials.