We use traditional, safe, humane methods to remove and control the following types of pests, vermin and rodents. If your pest situation isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us to see if we can help!


We keep bees, we love bees, but sometimes it is necessary to remove them is there is a serious risk to health or the safety of young children or adults with a risk of an allergic reaction to stings. If you have a swarm of honey bees we will collect and re-home them in our…


Although not a health hazard these “bugs” are an unwelcome and strangely unpleasant house guest, we can treat the affected area and locate the source of the problem. Often they are found in bathrooms and kitchens but may also be present in very dry areas.


If you spot a Cockroach, call us immediately. Once an infestation gets established the numbers can grow very quickly. They spread disease and damage property. You will want a rapid solution so we use a mixture of control methods.


Whether they are stealing food from the kitchen or keeping you awake by scratching in the loft, we will fix it. Mice will damage your property and furniture, their droppings can be hazardous to health so call us in for a speedy solution.

Carpet Moth

The first sign of an infestation may be a bare patch on the carpet, usually under furniture, by then there is a problem! Carpet moths enjoy good quality carpets but will destroy most things organic. We use water-based spray to eliminate the moth and prevent further infestations. Clothes can be treated but MUST be laundered…


This is a job for professionals only! Please do not attempt to treat wasp nests yourself, many people are very seriously injured each year attempting a DIY fix. We use long reach access equipment and fast acting products to safely destroy wasps and hornets. Results are fast and guaranteed. If we find another nest on…


Probably the most disturbing of all pest infestations is Rats! They are a serious hazard to health. We will establish the cause, identify entry points and use effective methods of control to solve your problem as quickly as possible. We will also advise on precautions and preventive measures to stop the problem returning.


Cluster fly, Fruit fly, Bluebottles, whatever problems you have with them we have the solution. Most infestations have a reason for starting and we will get to the cause of the problem and fix it. We can also supply and fit electronic fly killers to prevent re-infestation. One visit is usually all that’s required.


Jerry from Hampshire Pest Control is a traditional Mole Catcher using only traps and not poison gas. It is the humane way to get results while not endangering other species. We charge a small set up fee to place the traps and do not ask for final payment until we catch the Mole. We may…